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Babysitter, Nanny and Childcare Jobs

We specialize in personal & individual childcare in all walks of life, including events and VIP services and have already cared for over 10,000 children. Our jobs are unique, colorful, responsible, creative, enriching and always different. Exactly your thing? Then apply with us.



Our team is in desperate need of reinforcement. We are in demand everywhere, from event service, playroom supervision to travel companionship - we offer flexible babysitting jobs and are looking for nice babysitters who enjoy working with children and want to earn their money playing, ideally with the following background:

  • babysitters/babysitters, nannies/nannies
  • educators/teachers, kindergarten teachers/kindergarten teachers
  • housekeepers/household economists, social assistants
  • Pedagogues, children's nurses
  • Make-up artists or make-up artists, make-up artists for children
  • Sports or fitness trainers, music teachers, freelancers, freelancers
  • entertainers, clowns and artists
  • Students with childcare experience
  • Au-pairs


You can find babysitting/nanny/nanny jobs with us as a part-time job or full- or part-time. We also place nannies in permanent positions* worldwide. The placement with us is free of charge.

The special thing about it: You decide when you want to work and where. Because you decide which job you take.

There are jobs just for the weekend, summer jobs, in families, at big events and much more. Just as every family situation is different and every child is unique, every job with us is special, just like you.



Pushing strollers was yesterday. Today's babysitters are parent understanders, comforters, guardians and protectors, pick-ups and drop-offs, cart drivers and city explorers, storytellers and sandmen, painters, musicians, clowns and elephants.

Exactly your thing? Then you'll fit in with us, because we get new requests every day and definitely need reinforcements.

If you have fun and experience working with children and are over 18 years old, flexible, spontaneous and reliable - then apply to us now.





*The first thing we are looking forward to, of course, is your application. Then the actual application process begins. We will send you a detailed application form so that we can take all your wishes into account when choosing a suitable job and are well prepared for our first joint interview.

NOTE: If your application is successful, we would like to include you in our employee pool - subject to your prior consent. For the admission to our employee pool, a processing fee will be charged. This fee amounts to 35 Euro for future self-employed nannies (job placement) and 89 Euro for the inclusion of nannies in the applicant pool (job placement). Everything else about our terms of use for job placement and the processing fee for our service can be found in our terms and conditions.


Advantage agency

Surely you are wondering what advantage a babysitting agency has, after all babysitting jobs are posted on every supermarket notice board.

The full variety

Our jobs are always varied and exciting. You can take care of a permanent family, be present at events, festivals, in companies and hotels.... Sometimes you work alone, sometimes in a team. Sometimes in cool locations, sometimes a whole weekend...

Just as you like.

You decide when and where you work and for how long, because you decide which of our daily job offers suits you best.

You are not alone.

With our Babysitter-Express you always have someone at your side, no matter if you need advice about your job, accounting or family matters or if you just need support.

Safe is safe.

At our agency everything is checked beforehand. From the identity of the customer to the safe way home. Including all money issues.

Very simple.

And this is how working with us works:
Get quotes, accept order, send invoice, receive money.